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List of Czech Exonyms

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NameList of Czech Exonyms
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Product descriptionThe publication of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre is designed for those who come into contact with Czech own names of foreign geographic object (exonyms). It contains a list of nearly 2,500 names like Vídeň (Vienna), Kapské Město (Cape Town), Žlutá řeka (the Yellow River), Skalnaté hory (Rocky Mountains), Nový Jižní Wales (New South Wales), Komandorské ostrovy (Komandorski Islands), which are often cited incorrectly in textbooks, media and the professional literature. The list is followed by the names in the official languages of the countries or dependent territories, by the geographic coordinates and 34 synoptic maps. ISBN 978-80-86918-64-8.
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