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Overview of levelling network 1:50,000

Product information
NameOverview of levelling network 1:50,000
Commercial code 63262
Export unitZM 50 map sheet (450 km2)
Unit pricePricelist of products and services
Export formatstisk
Coordinate systemsS-JTSK / Krovak EN
Product descriptionOverview of levelling network 1:50,000 (PVNS 50) is a multicoloured reprint of thematic content into the suppressed Base map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000 (ZM 50). The subjects of the thematic content are the level networks of I. – IV. order, grid levelling networks of the Czech Republic and the division into map sheets of the State Map 1:50,000, including the name of the map sheet and the division into map sheets of the State Map 1:5,000. Levelling lines of IV. order are displayed with a selection of levelling points. Particular levelling lines are differentiated by colour. Each map sheet contains a map legend with the selection of the most common map symbols. Currently, PVNS 50 is only printed on order.
Update cycle - update state Update state
Terms of use - charging the dataCharging according to Pricelist of products and services
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restrictionTerms of use see Terms of trade
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Contact - product informationLand Survey Office , Phone: +420 284 043 533 , e-mail:
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