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List of applications - client suitable for use WFS

Overview of tested clients with verified possibility to work with WFS standard download services provided by CUZK:

GIS desktop:

  • Quantum GIS (QGIS)
  • We recommend using QGIS in combination with WFS 2.0 Client plug-in. Although QGIS 3.x supports WFS 2.0 natively, it is not able to work with complex feature types. The use of the plug-in is therefore necessary to access WFS 2.0 services provided by ČÚZK. .

  • Hexagon GeoMedia
  • Note: is not possible connect to download services for harmonized data of INSPIRE (WFS 2.0.0). You can only connect to services that support also WFS 1.1.0 standard (WFS ZABAGED®, WFS Administrative and Cadastral Boundaries, WFS Geonames).


  • Geocortex - Map CMS system above the ArcGIS

    In case you have experiences with attaching map services in other clients or comments to the information provided here, contact us at the address please.

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