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Base map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 200 000

Base Map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 200 000 (ZM 200) is the basic state map series of medium scale and is conceived as a general geographical map. It displays the entire territory of the Czech Republic in a continuous map layout; the territory of the Czech Republic is displayed in 18 map sheets. Dimensions and indexing of map sheets of ZM 200 represent a basic construction element of the map layout of the basic maps of the Czech Republic. The name of a map sheet is the same as the name of the largest settlement (according to the number of inhabitants) displayed on the respective map sheet.

The ZM 200 contains planimetric component, altimetry and lettering. Planimetric components include settlements and individual objects, communication networks, hydrography, boundaries of regions and districts, boundaries of protected areas, land cover and soil surface. Altimetry is represented by terrain relief displayed as contour lines and terrain edges. Map lettering consists of standardised toponymy, contour values, spot heights, frame data and marginal information. Map objects are displayed only at the territory of the Czech Republic.

Since 2011 the ZM200 has been created using digital technology from the National database Data200. Creation and update of the ZM200 is
maintained by Land Survey Office.

Information on products prepared to be provided as file data ZM 200 can be found in the right menu in this page.

To order data and prints you can use the internet shop.The ZM 200 is available for viewing using viewing services on which you can find information in the Web services section.

Viewing services can be exploited free in all applications (clients). The map window at introduction page of Application section at the CUZK Geoportal or Geoviewer client can be exploited to display them.

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